Maintenance Kit & Preventative Maintenance Program

Scheduled Maintenance

There’s nothing worse than having to completely stop production to perform unexpected repairs. Universal Packaging & Machinery is here to help. To lower the risk and cost of shutting down production unexpectedly, UP suggests adopting a regular maintenance schedule. This maintenance schedule includes utilizing our custom maintenance kits once every four months to replace worn parts such as springs and rubber “O” rings. We will work with you to build custom maintenance kits that best fit you specific needs. Keeping up with regularly scheduled maintenance will save you valuable time and money. ATTENTION: We are excited to inform you that we are now offering a preventative maintenance program for our customers. Our PM programs provide a quarterly overhaul of filling valves by two (2) UP technicians. This is an onsite rebuilding of filling valves and verifying proper function of the following items: level-control system, vent tubes, position of valve opener and closer, snift rail, etc. Please contact us for more information.